Sunday, April 19, 2015

Quick and easy decoration with buttons

Buttons are easy to sew on all fabric and if you can find pretty buttons, especially wooden ones, it makes decorating a snap!
Here are some lovely wooden strawberry buttons from the hab - a haberdashery store in Mumbai which sells a whole lot of gorgeous stuff.

I coloured them with permanent markers  - real quick

the buttons are textured which is super nice

And then i stitched them onto the pouch which holds my hair accessories.. simple, easy and pretty! I got some buttons which look like dresses... hmm I wonder where I will fix those...

Thursday, April 9, 2015


I love buying magnets from the places I travel to and I imagine lots of us do and they all probably find place on the fridge. Well I wanted to see some of my interesting magnets when I work - somewhere close to  my desk but there is nothing steel there. I considered the old trick of using my old baking sheets but nah.. had to find someplace else. So I decided on the glass shelf near my desk which houses my most whimsical travel souvenirs and did this..No I didn't stick it to the glass

I fixed it in place with a magnet behind the glass, like so...

Pardon the graininess of the picture. I just held a magnet to the other side of the glass, on the opposite pole and voila! it "stuck" in place. Here are my others.

I even have a magnetic clip. This by the way needed two magnets on its back to "stick" but helps me remember my son's timetable and other school stuff

Drop me a comment on how you like this idea..

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Relocation and such

Hi there!
Yes I have been missing for long, long time ...apologies for letting life overwhelm me but that's me I guess.  So much to do. I have to redo my home tour page and even revamp the look of the blog..well for now I am into door charms,  since we have a few more doors and windows in our new house. They just add a little colour and sound to our home and of course take me back to the places from where I bought the pieces or the whole!

Here is the first one - old buttons, the lovely heart from a shop now closed; takes me back to that delightful place bursting to the gills with ribbons, beads and baubles... and of course that endless roll of ribbon... this is one from my craft basket...

Love the sound the metal flower makes when the wind teases it.  I hear it first thing in the morning, followed by birdsong. Metal art from the South east Asia..

This last one is inspired by a  lovely sleek one I saw at a learning centre. Of course it was sleek and well done. My copy is ...well ...rustic shall I say! So it is Bastar bell meets cow bell from hardware store (of all places!)

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